Rihanna bag

This unique bag shows Rihanna's stunning eyes, made of 4554 Swarovski crystals. Each crystal is 1.7 mm in size It is the perfect combination of art and lifestyle  

Nina Naustdal’s portrait

Nina Naustdal is a well known British elite fashion designer. Her portrait is made of 62, 000 Swarovski crystals,  each 1.7mm in size, and in 42 different colors. It took almost 6 moths to create this artwork, and in September 2018 it was displayed for the first time in Nina's fashion show in London's fashion week.

Rod Stewart’s portrait

One-of-a-kind Rod Stewart's portrait artwork - made of 61,102 Swarovski ® crystals, each 1.7mm in size, and in 57 different colors. Each crystal has been applied manually to a blank canvas of 60x80 cm, taking 3.5 months to complete. It is a captivating, glittering, and unique high quality piece of art. Many thanks to photographer Iain Reid, who took the original beautiful photo during one

David Bowie

In honor of one of the greatest musicians ever... Mr. David Bowie. This artwork is made of 58,300 Swarovski ® crystals — each no bigger than 1.7 mm—in 53 colors. It shines and sparkles from every angle, expressing David's colorful figure. The size of this piece is 60X80 cm.   Based on the eternal photograph taken by Duffy.

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