Swarovski ® sparkeling unicorn

The Siberian Tigris

  The Siberian Tigris A unique portrait of a female siberian tigris embracing its new born baby tigress. The Siberian Tigris is made of 40,300 hand applied, colored Swarovski ® crystals, in 40 different colors, applied with an original Swarovski glue. Special graphic background, printed on a tempered glass, creates a 3D effect of the object. The combination of 40 colors gives depth and glam to

Owls on a magical night

Owls on canvas. Swarovski stars around full moon. 70x100cm.

Bambi and Thumper

Bambi & Thumper are enjoying a sunny day in the woods. A unique artwork specially designed for childern's rooms. Made of 16,000 genuine Swarovski ® crystals, 1.7 mm each, applied with original Swarovski ® glue on a canvas with handmade acrylic background. The background is hand made painted on canvas, while the crystals were applied crystal by crystal, in a very accurate work, that led

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