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Peripheral ARTeries

Peripheral ARTeries

A new take on David Bowie – Swarovski magazine

To Swarovski magazine

My Siberian tiger – Article in Yalon’s site

Yalon company is the official Israeli representative of the premium international crystal elements brand- SWAROVSKI, Austria. All of the raw materials I'm using in my art work were purchased

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My art

Rod Stewart’s portrait

One-of-a-kind Rod Stewart's portrait artwork - made of 61,102 Swarovski ® crystals, each 1.7mm in size, and in 57 different colors. Each crystal has been applied manually to

David Bowie

In honor of one of the greatest musicians ever... Mr. David Bowie. This artwork is made of 58,300 Swarovski ® crystals — each no bigger than 1.7 mm—in 53

Swarovski ® sparkeling unicorn

The Siberian Tigris

  The Siberian Tigris A unique portrait of a female siberian tigris embracing its new born baby tigress. The Siberian Tigris is made of 40,300 hand applied, colored

Bambi and Thumper

Bambi & Thumper are enjoying a sunny day in the woods. A unique artwork specially designed for childern's rooms. Made of 16,000 genuine Swarovski ® crystals, 1.7 mm

A shell with Swarovski ® sparkeling pearl

A pearl glitters in the dark. Hand painted shell with a pearl made of thousands Swarovski® crystals. 60X80 cm.

Swarovski ® sparkeling starfish

Starfish glitters in the darkness of the deep ocean - Acrylic on canvas with Swarovski® crystals 60X80 cm.


Contain about 1600 genuine Swarovski crystals. 60X80 cm.


Live * Laugh * Love Dimentions: 30X30 cm.


A unique sparkling ballerina figure. Made of 1600 genuine Swarovski ® crystals applied on canvas. 30X30 cm.

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Piece of jewelry for your wall

 By artist Hila Lazovski

Lazovski Art – Original, exclusive painting, combined with original Swarovski ® crystals.

It all started with a typical tourists visit at the Swarovski ® Crystal hall, in Austria.
I was deeply inspired by the amazing shapes, forms, colors and sparks she saw around her.
For years I was looking for the right way to combine between my two life passions:
Computers and Science on one hand and art on the other.
I have been painting, sketching, designing and inventing for as long as I can remember, but as a student I was drawn to programming from all things.
In Austria I suddenly figured it out.
I couldn’t wait to get home and start working on my next piece: The Siberian Tigris.
As I returned home I started exploring this field. I developed my unique work methods helping me to get the perfect results – accurate, 3 dimensioned, exclusive, sparkled, one of a kind.
Everything I create is hand made. I use only genuine Swarovski ® Crystals, supplied by an authorized seller. It can take few months to create one piece. Each piece is unique, one of a kind in the world.
On top of my self-inspired line I am also creating customized pieces per order. Have a picture or an Idea in your mind of a piece you are interested in? I will create your very own amazing Swarovski ® picture. You can choose the colors; background materials (Can be canvas, wood, glass and more).

Where it all started…

A visit in Swarovski Crystal Worlds, inspired me to start working with these amazing crystals.